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"What an amazing resource Coos County has in MarLo Dance Studio!
The quality of the instruction and the productions for a small town is extraordinary..."
Mel G. {Adult Ballet & Jazz Student}


Register Summer 2017 Sessions
Summer Classes:  Registration Form.  Print and mail to 88216 Hwy 42 South, Bandon, Oregon 97411.



Register Fall 2017-18 Season

Option 1: Register In Person Via Printable Forms
Please download, print and complete the Registration Form.  This form may be mailed at any time or handed in at the studio during  MDS Open Houses scheduled for Sept. 3 & 10, 1:30-5:00pm.  Registration fee must accompany form to be completed.  

Option 2: Register Online Now
Please complete the registration payment options first and then complete all of the information on the form below.  Then click the Register button at the bottom. If registering more than one student, you will need to complete the form for each student and then click the register button.


Pay registration fee online through PayPal
Please use the button below to make your registration payment online. Then either print out and bring in the registration form or complete the online registration below. Fitness only participants (YogaLates/Pilates/Dance Fit) there is no registration fee.

Registration Fee

*** If registering more than one student, please submit a form for each student. ***

Choose Registration Fee Option

Enrollment will be complete after MDS has reviewed your class selection and registration fee has been received. 

          New Students – $40
          Returning Students – $35
          Family Registration – $65
 (There is no registration fee for Fitness or Ballroom classes)

Please bill my debit/credit on file. I will mail registration check to MarLo Dance Studio:
88216 Hwy 42 South, Bandon, OR 97411
I paid my registration through PayPal using the above link.
Student Information and 2017-18 Class Selections
Student's NameDate of Birth
Grade (if applicable)Name of School (if applicable)
(Weekly hours denote billing time and are shown in parenthesis)

MDS accepts pre-registration for closed classes.  Often we are able to create space after the session begins.  A confirmation of your pre-registration and wait list position confirmation will be emailed

Closed Monday Preschool (1.0)
Closed Thursday Preschool (1.0) -
Kindergarten (1.0) -
Closed  Pre-Primary (1.0) -

Primary 1 (1.0) -
Primary 2/3 (1.0) -
Beginning 1 (2.0) -
Teen/Adult Ballet Fitness (1.0) -

The following classes also require enrollment in Ballet Acceleration:
Intermediate 1 (2.0) -
Intermediate 2 (2.5) -
Intermediate 3 (3.0) -
Intermediate 4 (3.0) -

Primary 1 (1.0) -
Primary 2 (1.0) -
Primary 3 (1.0) -
Teen/Adult Intro to Tap  (1.0) -

Beginning (1.0) -
Intermediate 1 (1.0) -
Intermediate 2 (1.0) -
Upper (1.0) -
Jazz 1 (1.0) -
Jazz 2 (1.0) -
Jazz 3 (1.0) -

Lyrical 1 (1.0) -
Lyrical 2 (1.0) -
Intermediate 1-2 (1.5) -
Intermediate 3-4 (1.5) -
Hip Hop 1 (1.0) -
Hip Hop 2 (1.0) -
Dance Fit (1.0) -
YoLates (1.0) -
Pilates (1.0) -

Count the total hours (shown in parenthesis) of your selected classes
and list that amount here. This is an estimate of dance hours per week.
NO PAYMENTS for classes will be made at this time.


Parent/Guardian(s) Information
Parent #1 Name   
AddressCityZip Code
Please list the email that you check the most often, as our newsletters will be sent via email.
Parent #2 Name   
AddressCityZip Code
Please list the email that you check the most often, as our newsletters will be sent via email.
Medical Information
In case of EMERGENCY and the above parent or guardian(s) cannot be reached, please call:
Relationship to Student  
Do any of the registrants have physical limitations (asthma, arthritis, previous injury, etc.):     YES -   NO -
       If YES, please describe:
Do any of the registrants have learning a learning disability (ADD, ADHD, Asperger's, etc.):    YES -   NO -
       If YES, please describe:
YES - NO - MDS occasionally takes photos of classes. May we use photos of students from this account for brochures, news releases, website, social media, etc.?
YES - NO - I understand that I (my child) dance at my own risk. I will not hold MarLo Dance Studio or its instructors responsible for any injury occuring during, before, or after classes.
YES - NO -

I will thoroughly read the MarLo Dance Studio 2017/18 Revised Policy Handbook. I understand that my participation with MarLo will fall within MarLo's stated policies. If I find that I cannot comply with the policy handbook, I have three (3) days from the time of registration to request a full refund and withdraw student(s).


YES - NO - I understand that if I have a child 12 and under a parent from our family will take a turn as "stage-parent" for my child's class during 1 of 4 spring performances; as detailed in the Policy Handbook.
Signature of Adult Student or Parent/Guardian
Please type in full name:    
(By typing in my name I agree/accept the waivers and information on this registration form and consider this as my legal signature)

Click Button to Submit Registration
You will receive an email confirming your registration.

MarLo Dance Studio

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88216 Hwy 42 South
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