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Rates & Policies


Pilates, Yoga Lates,  do not have a registration fee.
First Time Visitors - $12, Drop-ins - $15, Punch Card - 5/$60 or 9/100


New Students – $45;  Returning Students – $40; Family Registration – $70. 


Below, please find the 2022-23 monthly tuition schedule for Dance Classes:
(See Ballroom page for Ballroom session fees.)

Hours Per Week
Monthly Fee; Family Account
up to 1
up to 1.5
up to 2.0
up to 2.5
up to 3.0
up to 3.5
up to 4.0
$ 115
up to 4.5
up to 5.0
up to 5.5
up to 6.0
up to 6.5
up to 7.0
up to 7.5
up to 8.0
up to 8.5
up to 9.0
For each additional half-hour per week, add $10

DROP-IN CLASSES — There is a drop-in rate of $12/hour. Drop-ins are available for Fitness classes only.

•  September is pro-rated ½ price. Thereafter tuition is same regardless of absences or holidays.
•  December is billed as a full month with only two weeks of instruction. May is a half month of instruction with no tuition billing.
•  Make-up class may be available. See your instructor.
•  Tuition due the first class of the month.
•  We do not mail out bills unless past due. 
•  Families have the option of requesting recurring billing to their card on file, pay on-line monthly, or use cash/check.
•  Make checks payable to MarLo Dance Studio. Please note whether payment is for tuition, costume, dancewear, etc.
•  Once an account is created, the account holder may access the Parent Portal to update their account information and view all transactions.

•  Late fees are $3 for accounts paid after the 15th.
•  Any account that is 45 days past due will result in student(s) being dropped from the roll.
•  A 3% DISCOUNT is offered for payment of 3 or more full months of tuition.
•  There is a $20 fee for returned checks.
•  We require a 1-week written notice, prior to the new month, in order to discontinue enrollment. Notice must be emailed, mailed or deposited in the studio drop box 7 days prior to the 1st of the next billing month to in order to suspend tuition. Responsible account will be obligated to the following month's tuition if late notice or failure to notify.

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Studio Policies

Please take a moment to review these studio policies {revised June 2020}. Hereafter, policies apply only to dance students:


MarLo's annual spring dance production is the main support of scholarship funding. Parents of SERIOUS students and especially families taking many classes who have a financial need are encouraged to fill out a Tuition Discount Statement. Special consideration will be given to families taking 4 or more hours a week.

The applying student will have demonstrated classroom manners, regular attendance, and a desire to learn. All scholarships will be partial. A few classroom aide positions will be available for students 6th grade and older. Scholarship and Aide positions will be reversed if the student(s) have unexcused absences, or are not following the student guidelines of behavior and protocol.  Scholarship Application

dance clothesSTUDIO DRESS CODE

Where to Purchase Dancewear and Shoes — An array of quality Dancewear may be obtained through MarLo Dance Studio with the exception of Bloch Tap Shoes. We recommend that you allow us to professionally fit your dancer/yourself at one of our open houses.

You can also obtain dancewear through {Use code TP26659}.

GUYS - for the best selection go to Mens/Boys Dancewear. Most of what boys need will be on the the "Extras and Specials" page, which also contains a good explanation of Dance Belts and Trunks. Tights and Shoes have separate tabs.


Dress Code - Boys
All Classes

White short sleeve T-shirt or muscle shirt, appropriate black dance shoes.

Creative Movement, Ballet,
Black bike style shorts, leggings, or mens tights (ballet). 
Young men, dance belt. 
Hip Hop
Studio Logo T-shirt, solid black long stretch sweats, yoga pants, or leggings. Black split-sole dance sneakers.
Comfortable black knit stretch pants/shorts
Dress Code - Girls
Creative Movement &
Hair:  Away from face pigtails for tumbling)
All Classes: Pastel Leotard, pink tights, stringless pink ballet slippers. No costumes or tutus.
Pre-Primary should also include black Maryjane buckle tap shoes.  No ties.
Optional: Single layer chiffon skirt maximum 10", approved pastel shrug.
Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical Ballet
Hair: All hair in a bun; short bangs okay.  Short hair; a plain headband.  All hair off neck.
All Classes: Solid black leotard. Pink tights, pink ballet slippers.  Beginning-Intermediate require contrasting hip alignment belt.   
Optional: chiffon skirt (finger tip length or shorter), snug pink leg-warmers, snug black shrug.
No street wear.
Jazz Tan tights, tan jazz boot shoe
Optional: Black bike or boy shorts
Lyrical: Ballet or Jazz attire, tan jazz boot.
Optional: knee pads
Hair: Away from face
Black leotard, tan or black tights, Revolution brand buckle tap shoe (no ties please!)  
Optional: Black skirt, shorts, jazz pant
Adult/Teen: Above or choose solid black or studio logo shirt with black pant, black tap oxford. Recommend Leo's Giordanos.
Hip Hop
Hair: Away from face
Studio Logo T-shirt, long stretch sport pants or stretch shorts w/knee pads (no jeans), black split-sole dance sneakers.



dance recital in OregonStudent Participation — MarLo is a performing arts school. Every May, a professionally staged production will be produced. Participation is expected with the exception of adult students, who are welcomed and encouraged. Four performances are presented at the Sprague Theater. Young children will be scheduled for two performances.

Parent Participation — Parents of children up through 8th grade will help with their child's class during one of the performances. This allows every parent the opportunity to relax and watch at least one performance. Sign-ups are on a first come basis after spring break.

Mandatory Rehearsals — Each class will be asked to attend 4 special theater rehearsals (Blocking, Run-Thru, and two Technical/Dress) the last two weeks before the performance weekend. Participation in the Production is dependent upon each dancer attending all theater rehearsals.

Failure to be present at these rehearsals may result in disqualification from the production. Serious illness or family emergency will be considered. However, an instructor must be notified within 24 hours. For those uninitiated to the performing arts, this requirement is necessary to adequately prepare the dancer and their class for public presentation as well as maintaining fairness to the entire cast. Detailed Schedule released in February. View Studio Calendar.

Costume Fees A $15 (per class) deposit will be billed in November. This deposit is non-refundable after December 15th. Dance classes that meet 2 times weekly have one costume, rather than two. The balance of the costume(s) will be billed in January. Families with more than one costume may request three-month installment plan.

Adults who wish to be exempted; please let us know a.s.a.p. A later commitment date may be available on a per instructor/class basis.


Approximate Wholesale Costume Costs
Creative Movement & Primary: $45-$55
Beginning-Advanced: $50-$70
Note: Manufacturers charge additional fees for XL costumes
Rental Costumes are used when available: $15-$25

Costumes are projected to be passed out by the 2nd week of April. Accounts that have a balance (costume, tuition, late fees, etc.) will receive costumes after account is made current. Some costumes will need to be altered (at your own expense).

Recital Tickets
Every account will receive through email, complimentary discounted ticket coupons based on number of classes taken:
1-2 classes = 2 discounted ticket coupons
3-4 classes = 3 discounted ticket coupons
5 or more classes = 4 discounted ticket coupons

Tickets will be available in April. Accounts that have a balance (costume, tuition, late fees, etc.) will receive complimentary discounted ticket coupons after account is current.  Ticket Coupons do not cover convenience fees of the ticket handler.  Complimentary tickets are not an industry standard, but another aspect that makes MDS a family friendly studio.




Progression — Tempo of progression will be determined by number of classes taken (i.e. 1 hour versus 5 hours weekly), regular attendance, classroom effort, and home practice. Every student should expect each level to take 2-4 years. As professionals, we are carefully watching each individual's progress. Premature advancement harms the dancer's technique and possibly promotes unnecessary injury. Technique is not instantaneous. Dancers who love the art learn to be patient and self-disciplined.

Note: Creative Movement and Primary classes are assigned by age/grade.

General Guidelines for Level Progressions Beyond the Creative & Primary Classes
Beginning — 0-4 years training
Intermediate — 3-7 years training
Advanced — 6+ years training

Pointe & Lyrical — Age of the student and years of training are not indicators of a students readiness for pointe or lyrical. Physical strength, classroom maturity along with solid balletic posture, alignment, and consistent technique are required. Students with these goals will be enrolled and faithfully attending ballet twice weekly plus Ballet Acceleration. We use the Perfect Pointe System as a baseline for evaluating student readiness for pointe work.   MDS Ballet & Pointe Program  



Observation — In order to maintain class structure and discipline, parent observation is limited to the window in the door between the studio and the waiting room. The last week before Christmas break parents are welcome to quietly visit any of their child's classes in progress.

Visitors — A friend may visit a class one time. For the comfort of the other students, the visitor will have the opportunity to participate. Pre-arrange with the instructor. Non-enrolled friends/siblings may not "hang-out" unsupervised at the studio. Please make other child care arrangements.



TEXT-  Group studio reminders are sent out regularly.  They may include info regarding a holiday, workshop, class opening, or weather closure.   Be sure to notify us if you change your cell number.

Newsletters — Quarterly,  there will be an email newsletter. Be sure to notify us if your email changes.  The newsletter will have important information including up-coming deadlines, performances, and studio and community news. It is incumbent upon the parent or adult student to avail himself or herself of the newsletter.

Who to Talk to and When?
Questions about your child's class? Please address the individual instructor by phone or email (see below). Questions about studio policy or your account; or anything else? Please contact the director, Ms. Maria. You may also leave a note in the payment box found on the wall of the studio waiting room.

Ms. Maria (Director) 541-252-1394


All students are asked to contact the instructor if you are going to miss class or have missed a class within 24 hours. If a student misses 2 classes in a month, they have lost 50% of their training for that month. Three unexcused absences in a 5 week period will result in the student being dropped from the roll.

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"MarLo dance has been a sweet blessing to our family! Through the classes offered to our daughter, thus far, we have seen her become more positive and her confidence has grown! She's developed a strong passion for dancing and is eager to climb up the ladder of dance classes offered at MarLo. She looks forward to the shows that MarLo puts on; they really are a wonderful highlight in our community. Seeing our daughter dance brings our family much joy; and knowing that she is learning in a safe and healthy environment makes it that much more rewarding!"
Regina S. {Parent}