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"…summer classes have been extremely beneficial to my dance training. The extra training that I receive throughout the summer helps me to improve and push myself. The more time I spend dancing, the more I improve, and when the next dance season starts I feel ready for it."
Faith S. {student}

Summer Classes 2022        

19  Ju

Session 3: 2 Weeks 
Starts Aug 16

Day & TimeClass
Tues & Thurs   4:30-5:30 Intro to Jazz & Jazz 1 
Tues & Thurs   5:30-6:00Pre-pointe/Pointe 1  (split classes) 
Tues & Thurs   6:00-7:30Ballet- Level 3-4  
Tues & Thurs   7:30-8:30Jazz/Contemporary- Level 2-4
Tues & Thurs   8:30-9:00Level 5
Wed  5:00-6:00Hip Hop  (previous enrollment in HH1 and new students 9yrs and up)
Wed  6:00-7:00Tap Routines - Tap Adult/Tap 1
Wed  7:00-8:00Tap Routines 3-5  
Wed  8:00-9:00Hip Hop (previous enrollment in HH2 & 3 or instructor consent)